Satin Bonnets

Our new double sided satin bonnets comes in several different sizes and a personalized drawstring bag. 

New Borns and Infants - Made from 7 inch diameter fabric just like newborn hats.  There's not too much room in the puff which is ideal for less slippage. Great for sizes newborns to 12 months. 

Toodlers & Little GirlsMade from 10 inch diameter fabric. Ideal for toddlers from 1 to age 5. And little girls ages 6 to 10 years old. 

Adult/Teen Regular - Made from 12 inch diameter fabric. 

Adult/Teen Extra Large - Made from 14 inch diameter fabric. This bonnet has plenty of room for locs, braids, and long hair. 

How to care for your bonnet 

Wash your bonnet by hand or in your washing machine and dry as usual.

*Tip* To remove makeup/foundation from your bonnet, use shaving cream, rub, and rinse with cold water.

Create Your Own

All of our bonnets, like many of our products are fully customizable. Tell us what color or design you would like by sending us an email at

Bulk Orders 

Contact us at for bulk order options and pricing.  

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